Piano Punk

New album - 'Piano Punk'

The first of all  'performed in real time' albums - is now available.


I do this for three reasons.

1. Due to a raw deal  from a 'very misleading online contract' with an unscrupulously greedy so-called music distributor - I'm basically never going to get anything from all-but-one of my downloadable releases.  Despite the fact that I have cancelled all the Mp3 releases with this particular distributor,  my Mp3s are STILL being sold worldwide ....without  my permission, approval or benefit.  Therefore 'Piano Punk' is the first release in what could be called a new musical direction,  featuring real time performances of music which has deliberately been recorded at higher quality & with even greater care.

2. This new approach will be taken under the Irish spelling  of my name (as mentioned elsewhere) - & will be at a tuning frequency of 432Hz, as will all future releases.  This is why the artiste formerly known as Ny*l P*rc*ll .....had to become .....'Niall Puirseil'

3. A higher recording resolution & greater level of dynamics (leading to better overall quality) has been used this time, & all these albums will be available - on CD & audio cassette only.

(I believe Mp3s are an insult to music anyway & should only be used for singles that may lead to album sales)

Piano Punk is now available directly from the Purcell White Music Store along with much better sounding remasters  of all the other albums, on CD & Audio Cassette.

Cheers & God bless!