New album 'Singled Out'

New album 'Singled Out' now available from the

Purcell White Music Store 



As the name may suggest, this is a compilation of all (now 16) singles on CD & Audio Cassette.

Existing buyers of the original (14 track) CD will be sent a copy of the 16 track compilation at no extra cost - no need to return the old one.

The two new additions are 'Tell Me' & 'In Our Dreams' which will be available for download soon, but are available on CD now.

The new album features a new 'Dyna Mix' of the award winning song 'Spirit' celebrating 20 years from the release of the debut album

'Tales Of Passion'.


So I hope you'll check this compilation out by visiting the above mentioned music store page - it's probably the best introduction into what I do.

Cheers & God bless!