New album release - White

The new album 'White'  is available now,

on CD & soon also, audio cassette.


This will be the last of the electronic sounding  albums.

Since learning the truth about the the Flat Earth (and it certainly IS flat) the entire

"space age/sci-fi" approach just felt wrong & inappropriate - since "space" doesn't even exist!

Sci-fi  is what may have inspired my interest in electronic music in the first place, but learning that NASA & "space agencies"  themselves are nothing more than Sci-fi  has pretty much killed that interest.

Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers) nailed it in the song Californication when he sang;

"Space may be the final frontier but it's made in a hollywood basement"


Recently, while working on a planned 'sequencer unplugged'  style album, it became abundantly obvious that a change in direction was in the air - I find that playing songs based around piano/performance & other realtime instruments  is infinitely  more enjoyable & fulfilling.

Rather than just making one  'played realtime' album, I intend to take this approach  for all my future recordings & performances.


This website is now called " " because all future releases will be under my original Irish name - & I'm happier to embrace my Irish influences  a bit more now.

It's actually quite liberating to play so freely & expressively - totally loving it!

There'll be just one video relating to this album appearing on the  Youtube Channel


Album now available from the Purcell White Music Store & Amazon


Cheers & God bless!