The Keys To Happiness  

The Keys To Happiness

Years ago, when endeavouring to practice, rehearse & eventually go on tour, it was very clear to aspiring songwriting musicians  like myself, what the most appropriate approach  would be.

Naivety  is often accompanied by poetic knowledge  - we instinctively  know what is right for us,  way more than anybody else could ever do.

It's when we allow ourselves to be influenced by people who have no idea who we are  that we often lose our way - & the consequences of that can be long lasting, maybe even permanent.

The late 80's & early 90's was a great time, because in the previous decade Punk & New Wave  had opened the doors to relatively unskilled & unaccomplished songwriting artistes  to just 'get up & do it' - allowing them to rely more on the quality & sincerity of each performance,  rather than on years of gruelling music practice.

The more live music is, the better it can be enjoyed, & for me - nothing less than 100% live is/was ever good enough.

Back then, I should have done what seemed so natural  to do, but instead I allowed myself to be influenced away from that  & into a quicksand pit of programming sequencers & drum machines.  It's a bit like taxi-driving or prostitution - initially it might be fun, & easy to fall into - but ultimately it's very hard to get out of.

With hindsight, it's easy to see that all you'll ever really need is a good song, performed with passion & sincerity. If you have that, then why would you need a band at all?

My 2019 New Years resolution was to do just that - leave all the crap behind & take my songs on the road with nothing more than a portable piano.  It's been going that way  for the last year or so & there's a rake of musical hardware presently for sale elsewhere on this site - now that I've finally found my instrument of choice.

So yeah - this is a new & much more 'simple approach' but that's perfect for a simple kind of guy.

The ongoing pursuit of spiritual awakening  can bring clarity - & the present moment is all that truly exists.

You have to be true to yourself no matter what anyone else thinks - & your honesty & transparency may (eventually) be appreciated.

The keys to happiness are always in your hands!

Hope you'll look out for some sparsely arranged  (piano/vocal)  old & new  songs on my video channel soon.

Cheers & God bless!

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New album 'Singled Out' 

New album 'Singled Out' now available from the

Purcell White Music Store 



As the name may suggest, this is a compilation of all (now 16) singles on CD & Audio Cassette.

Existing buyers of the original (14 track) CD will be sent a copy of the 16 track compilation at no extra cost - no need to return the old one.

The two new additions are 'Tell Me' & 'In Our Dreams' which will be available for download soon, but are available on CD now.

The new album features a new 'Dyna Mix' of the award winning song 'Spirit' celebrating 20 years from the release of the debut album

'Tales Of Passion'.


So I hope you'll check this compilation out by visiting the above mentioned music store page - it's probably the best introduction into what I do.

Cheers & God bless!

New Single - Wine Glasses 

The new single - 'Wine Glasses'

Exclusive to this website


You won't find this download  available anywhere else - as it is offered at CD quality, as well as (soon)  premium quality Mp3 format.

From the newly revised Purcell White Music Store  you can now check out & purchase albums & singles directly & securely, at the highest quality available for cheaper than you might find them anywhere else.

These recordings are tuned to A=432Hz for your enjoyment.

Hope you'll like this new ballad 'Wine Glasses' taken from the album 'White'

Cheers & God bless!

Piano Punk 

New album - 'Piano Punk'

The first of all  'performed in real time' albums - is now available.


I do this for three reasons.

1. Due to a raw deal  from a 'very misleading online contract' with an unscrupulously greedy so-called music distributor - I'm basically never going to get anything from all-but-one of my downloadable releases.  Despite the fact that I have cancelled all the Mp3 releases with this particular distributor,  my Mp3s are STILL being sold worldwide ....without  my permission, approval or benefit.  Therefore 'Piano Punk' is the first release in what could be called a new musical direction,  featuring real time performances of music which has deliberately been recorded at higher quality & with even greater care.

2. This new approach will be taken under the Irish spelling  of my name (as mentioned elsewhere) - & will be at a tuning frequency of 432Hz, as will all future releases.  This is why the artiste formerly known as Ny*l P*rc*ll .....had to become .....'Niall Puirseil'

3. A higher recording resolution & greater level of dynamics (leading to better overall quality) has been used this time, & all these albums will be available - on CD & audio cassette only.

(I believe Mp3s are an insult to music anyway & should only be used for singles that may lead to album sales)

Piano Punk is now available directly from the Purcell White Music Store along with much better sounding remasters  of all the other albums, on CD & Audio Cassette.

Cheers & God bless!

New album release - White 

The new album 'White'  is available now,

on CD & soon also, audio cassette.


This will be the last of the electronic sounding  albums.

Since learning the truth about the the Flat Earth (and it certainly IS flat) the entire

"space age/sci-fi" approach just felt wrong & inappropriate - since "space" doesn't even exist!

Sci-fi  is what may have inspired my interest in electronic music in the first place, but learning that NASA & "space agencies"  themselves are nothing more than Sci-fi  has pretty much killed that interest.

Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers) nailed it in the song Californication when he sang;

"Space may be the final frontier but it's made in a hollywood basement"


Recently, while working on a planned 'sequencer unplugged'  style album, it became abundantly obvious that a change in direction was in the air - I find that playing songs based around piano/performance & other realtime instruments  is infinitely  more enjoyable & fulfilling.

Rather than just making one  'played realtime' album, I intend to take this approach  for all my future recordings & performances.


This website is now called " " because all future releases will be under my original Irish name - & I'm happier to embrace my Irish influences  a bit more now.

It's actually quite liberating to play so freely & expressively - totally loving it!

There'll be just one video relating to this album appearing on the  Youtube Channel


Album now available from the Purcell White Music Store & Amazon


Cheers & God bless!