The Truth Hurts - That's Why They're Censoring It!

The Truth Hurts - That's Why They're Censoring It!

There's only two ways to deal with  a widespread belief  that threatens  the pro new world order  establishment;

1. Prove it wrong


2. Censor it

Guess which option Google/JewTube, Facebook  & all the other Ashkenazi Jew owned & masonically controlled  online "services" have opted for (????)

You have most likely guessed right - because "conspiracy theories"  like the FACT that '911' was an inside job,  & the FACT that the Earth is 'actually flat'  cannot be proven wrong - their only option is to 'censor the truth & keep repeating the lies!

Recently this has become so nauseatingly obvious, that they're no longer even trying to hide it.

Please watch the videos below, then click on the link to another video (below that) - & remember, there are still (thankfully) some video hosting websites out there that support free speech, objective journalism & unbiased investigation.

JewTube is NOT one of them!

Here's the LINK (Operation Spread Flat Earth Truth - Eric Dubay)

That video is uploaded to JewTube - but they have rendered it unplayable, which says it all!

Cheers & God bless!