"Space" Oddities

"Space" Oddities

Most people don't realise, but the 'heliocentric model'  of the universe is absolutely full  of ridiculously improbable coincidences that it beggars belief  that anyone  could even begin to believe it in the first place.

These coincidences are not mentioned by teachers in school - for obvious reasons.

Relying more on students simply not understanding not asking questions for its' acceptance - the heliocentric model is one that simply doesn't stand up to even the most basic scrutiny - so it's exponents use ridicule & the strong implication of stupidity  against anyone that dares to question it.

They say things like;

"The smartest scientists of all time have worked this out & verified it with observations, mathematics & scientific methodology, so why can't you accept it?"

Does that not strike you as the same psychology as was used in 'The Emperors New Clothes'  - "Only stupid people can't see them!"

The fact that there has never been a consensus  among historys' "eminent scientists"  about any of these things is completely irrelevant  - if you don't 'understand'  (stand under) the "science"  you're implied or labelled stupid!

But the fact remains, that the sun & moon appear to us the same size simply because they are.

The Heliocentrists expect us to believe that the sun 'just happens'  to be 400 times bigger & also 400 times farther away - & so 'appear' equal in size by 'pure chance', - as the result of a big bang!!! (Ha!)

They expect us to believe that the reason we always see the same moon face is because the moons' rotation & orbit 'just happens'  to be ....(wait for it) "....in perfect synchronisation with the rotation of the Earth."  - & these people actually consider themselves to be in a position to ridicule flat Earthers (hehe!)

I've been involved in the performance & production of electronic music for over 30 years - I know how impossible it is to get two digital sequencers to 'synchronise by chance'  for much more than minutes - never mind "heavenly bodies happening to"  synchronise for thousands of years - this is utter bullshit!

I'm no statistician, but seriously - what are the odds???

Is this supposed to be observable, measurable & repeatable science???

We're barely even scratching the surface of these improbable coincidences here!

Try dropping a bag of marbles of assorted sizes on a clean, level floor (to simulate their big bang) & see how many even "go into orbit"  never mind long term autosynchronous orbit!!!

The main characteristic of pseudo-science  is obvious  - that it simply cannot be proven  & is easily disproven.

When you observe this & add it to the fact that we have no authentic pictures of "space"  or "Earth from space",  propulsion has been proven to be impossible in a vaccum,  gravity has never, will never & cannot ever be proven,  curvature of Earth can be seen absolutely no-where in the real world ....etc, etc, etc - the proof that the Earth is flat becomes abundantly & overwhelmingly self evident.

So - just like the people who laughed & sang;

"The king is in the all-together ....."

the (exponentially growing) flat Earth community can see the heliocentric model  for what it actually is - nothing more than a load of balls.

Anyone  can easily see & prove the Earth is flat - but only if they are willing & courageous enough  to face the truth of it!

Cheers & God bless!