Science Fact - Not Fiction

Science Fact Not Fiction

Here are some unavoidable facts  that prove scientifically,  or just plain logically that we do not live on a spinning ball.

These truths can be verified by anyone  with just a little bit of research.

Fact - All footage of "space, the solar system, orbiting satellites, distant planets, asteroids, so called 'space probes' & telescopes like the Hubble & 'space stations' like the ISS"  are ALL FAKE CGI composites, CGI animations, or paintings. There's NOT ONE REAL PHOTO to show for "50 years of space exploration."

Fact - No experiment has ever (nor will ever) succeed in detecting movement or curvature in the Earth. All experiments of this kind have irrefutably proven the flat & stationary Earth & so their results have always been covered up.

Fact - The North Star Polaris (situated above the "North Pole") can be seen from anywhere in the world - including the most Southern regions. This is obviously  not possible on a ball. Polaris has also been aligned with the Axus Mundi (in the "North Pole") for thousands of years, despite us being told we're spinning, wobbling & flying through "space"

Fact - No continuous footage of any rocket going all the way from Earth to "space"  exists - nor will it ever exist.

Fact - No continuous, inside footage of an "astronaut" leaving the airlock to embark on a "space walk"  exists - nor will it ever exist.

Fact - The so-called Bermuda Triangle is characterised not by the statistical data of disappearing vessels & people (as it has no statistical difference from any other location in that respect) but by the fact that so many of them remain unexplained. It just so happens that this area  is where NASA's "spacecrafts"  are known to fall into the ocean, after flying out of sight - but they can't have witnesses  running around telling people, can they??

Fact - Cranes all across the Earth remain perfectly stable & stationary under normal conditions - but what are cranes??? Technically speaking cranes are pendulums ...think about that next time some idiot tells you that Foucaults' pendulum proves the Earths' rotation (ha ha!)

Fact - Rain & snow drifts block your "satellite TV" signal (sometimes from miles away) as do large trees - & that wouldn't happen if you were actually getting their broadcasts from above now, would it?? Take a look at the direction your "satellite dish"  is pointing - something's up with that story ....but it ain't no satellite!

Fact - No 'flat earther' has ever been sued by NASA or any other "space agency"  for openly & publicly calling them liars & frauds  (which they obviously are) - the simple reason for this is that they have never (nor will they ever) be in any position to prove us wrong.

Remember that lies cannot be substantiated!

I could go on forever - but these are very simple observations that anyone can make & verify for themselves.

You don't have to take my word  for it.

Research flat Earth - but not on Youtube - they're aggressively censoring  all 'flat Earth & Holocaust questioning' content.

They've shut down yet another one of Eric Dubays' channels - that speaks for itself ....big time!