Here's the closest thing you'll ever see to a "demonstration"  of "gravity" (Ha!)

Quote: "Matter bends space"  = 100% theory, 0% proof.

Existance of "outer space"  = 100% theory, 0% proof.

Earth's "curvature"  = 100% theory, 0% proof.

Earth's "movement"  = 100% theory, 0% proof.

This is pseudoscience!!!

Theory based upon theory, upon theory, upon thoeory - ad infinitum ...but never  any evidence.

Well, we can SHOW water always finds it's level,

we can SHOW electromagnetic levitation,

we can SHOW disappeared ships coming back into view with a zoom lens,

we can SHOW Polaris aligned with the North Pole (in keeping with ancient records over thousands of years)

we can SHOW the flat horizon at eye level from 22+ miles up,

we can SHOW clouds blowing behind the sun & the moon,

we can SHOW that moonlight is cooler than moonshade

and we can SHOW that water flies off a spinning ball etc, etc, etc!!!!!

You (heliocentrists) can't even show three dimensional orbit without CGI - so WHO's really using their loaf??

Who's really doing SCIENCE??


Remember science is supposed  to be based in OBSERVABLE, REPEATABLE experimentation.



If ANY of you are ready for some REAL SCIENCE (as opposed to armchair "science") perhaps you should get off Uranus & do some actual research!

One last point.

It's interesting that Luciferian freemason Izaac Newton called this theoretical, unprovable, magikal force 'Gravity' (grave-ity) as this hints at its ultimate purpose  - death ...or more specifically, spiritual death.

If you follow the belief in gravity to it's ultimate conclusion - it leads eventually to apostasy (atheism) which is effectively spiritually fatal.

Naturally, a pseudoscientific theory (with no evidence to support it) would have to be foisted upon mankind by indoctrination (through media & "education") so that it could be presented as fact, no rational mind would accept it otherwise.

Quote: "Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing." - Stephen Hawking

It just melts my brain that some people can't see this is just to get people to reject intelligent creation.

At least some of us  are waking up to the truth.