NASA - 60 Years Of FRAUD

NASA - 60 Years Of Fraud

You may have heard recently that NASA have been celebrating 60 years since their foundation (which was one result of 'Operation Paperclip') ....that would be 60 years of fraud, lies & even murder, to keep this "grand deception"  going.

Meanwhile, the hopelessly indoctrinated  continue to ask questions based on ignorance, pseudo-scientific myths, assumptions & complete lack of original, rational thought process.

Like the question referred to in the first picture above - despite the fact that most (if not all) homes show this same light pattern around lamps & ceiling lights - globers' programmed inability  to rely on their own observations makes them blind to even the most basic truths.

Notice that the 'light orb'  in the picture is actually coming from an LED filament, inside a 'candle shaped'  bulb - yet the orb of light  looks perfectly circular. You may want to think about that next time someone claims that the Earth must be spherical because "...the planets & stars are." (???) - An erroneous claim  in itself.

While you're pondering that - perhaps you could also consider why "asteroids"  & "meteors"  just happen to be immune to the "force of gravity"  in "space"  - as they are only ever seen falling to Earth - despite what we're told about "planet Earth"  & just about everything else in our "galaxy" ...being invariably pulled into "solar orbit."

It couldn't possibly be that these are simply falling stars,  like the ones described in texts (including the Holy Scriptures) for thousands of years ....could it???

Very elusive & highly selective force this gravity, innit? - Hmm!

Two videos in this blog today. The first is by Flat Earth Man - you have to keep watching....the music video is after a short advert for his new album (which does sound excellent to these ears). The video itself is excellent (very witty) & will definitely be added to my flat Earth songs playlist.

The second video is a good one from Rob Skiba, debunking the so-called "photographic evidence"  of the "globe Earth"  (which actually have to be called images  for legal reasons - self explanetary ha-ha!).

Enjoy the videos - cheers & God bless!