Flat Earth

Hello everyone & welcome to my dedicated 'Flat Earth' page.
As Katie Perry relayed; "This is no big deal" - but still ...it had to be done (ha)

 Whether you like it or not - you've been indoctrinated to believe two things

1. That you live on a spinning ball orbiting the sun

2. Any idea of Earth being flat is the height of stupidity

Quote the ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about yet refuse wayne dyer 87 70 24


1. Embedding videos on this page does not mean that I agree with all the views of the video uploaders.

2. Embedded videos which are removed by Youtube will remain here - as evidence of the widespread conspiracy to censor/hide the truth about the Earth not being a globe.

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Understanding Flat Earth significance

To know the truth is a great thing, but to understand it & it's significance is even better.

When people say;

"What difference does it make if the Earth is flat or spherical?"

It's hard not to be bewildered as to how anyone could fail to see just how very significant it is, & what it means for mankind.

It leads us on to discover many other things - not just that we have an intelligent designer who lovingly created this beautiful world for us, but that the world used to be even more wonderous & beautiful…

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All space missions are fake because space is fake

What is the so called 'New World Order' ??

The 'new world order' (also called the 'great work'  by its' footsoldiers) is the pipe-dream of a secret cabal of devil-worshipping (Luciferian) & mostly blue-blooded operatives. They are incredibly wealthy & powerful, because they are from one of the oldest races on Earth - & so they have had a lot of time to gain control. This control has enabled them to have laws enacted in numerous countries which protect them & their "history"  from revision. Even though…

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Totally out of our trees

The more awakened  among us know that mankind are totally out of our trees.

That can be taken as a metaphor, but it is quite literally  true as well.

One thing is for sure - there are no forests on Earth!

Everything we have been taught throughout our lives should be reviewed at least once or twice.

Check out the video below, whether you accept any or all of the information or not - I guarantee you'll be fascinated.


NASAs' live self destruction - smoking guns

As some may know already, NASA (No Astronauts Should Apply)  had a major glitch LIVE with their multi-layer CGI system, which basically exposed their FRAUD for all the world to see.

You can see it in the video embedded below, but there are numerous other videos online showing the same thing.

Smoking guns - big time!

Not exactly the start to 2018 NASA were hoping for, but it does speak for itself.

There's really not much more that needs to be said - other than the FACT that the so-called new world

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Merry Christmas Flat Earthers

Merry Christmas Flat Earthers & everyone else.

It's kind of funny how people react when first presented with the idea that the Earth might not be what we've all been systematically indoctrinated to believe.

It's just like a child's reaction to finding out that Santa doesn't exist - exactly the same in fact.

This is known as 'Cognitive Dissonance'  & it happens because, whether young or old - people just don't like having their illusions destroyed.

This is the real reason Flat Earth…

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Youtube strike

Flat Earth conspiracy fact

The Flat Earth conspiracy is a fact - the proof is right here.

In previous blogs, I've stated that I've been having to replace videos taken down by Youtube.

Wasn't sure how many, but I knew it was a lot - some of which needed to be re-embedded two or even three times.

Some of the first videos embedded here were by a channel called ODD TV, until Youtube removed that channel altogether - because of the Flat Earth content.

All those re-embedded videos are now from the 'new channel' called ODD REALITY.

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Albert einstein insanity

Out with the old.

The future is bright - if that's what we want. We are in a new age, an age of mass awakening, questioning, awareness & enlightenment. This is known as The Age Of Aquarius. The tyrannical control systems (government, materialism, laws, taxation, vaccination etc)  we have had to endure for so long are beginning to crumble away, as 'authority' is a bit like Peter Pan - it only exists & persists as long we believe in it. Every notoriously despicable atrocity committed against mankind in history has been …Read more
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Nasa - a compilation of lies and deceit

Just in case there's still anyone out there that's willfully stupid enough to believe NASA - you won't after seeing this.


NASA - A Compilation Of Lies And Deciept


Sheep by Pink Floyd

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Earth is not a spinning ball

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball (by Eric Dubay)

Here's yet another video replaced after removal - due to the obviously widespread conspiracy to hide the truth about the Flat Earth.



Above video channel removed because of obvious truth censorship - video re-embedded below: