Facebook is a CIA spying machine.


Apart from the fact that 'Bitchbook'  would be a more appropriate name, apart from the fact that you get 'unfriended'  as 'punishment'  for having abilities or qualities your Facebook "friends" don't have, & apart from the fact that all your posts' visibility is heavily censored....

...Facebook itself, along with Nextdoor.com & many other 'social networks' are little more than a CIA spying operations.

Here are a few reasons why you should avoid them like the plague:

  • Using your phones' microphone to eavesdrop & record your conversations - check!
  • Gathering information about you from your friends, also their phones - check!
  • Using your phone to track all your movements - check!
  • Recording all your text messages & those of your friends - check!
  • Tracking everything you or your friends do online, to accumulate info about you - check!
  • Using your credit card info to know about all your purchases (even offline) - check!
  • Automated, unlimited access to all your info to any police or government agent - check!
  • Redistribution of any or all info about you or your family at will - check!
  • Facial recognition used (from your photos & video) to locate you on CCTV anywhere - check!

If that's not enough to put you off facebook then perhaps you could turn yourself inside out for them!


We'll tell you WhatsApp - this spying program is also owned & operated by Facebook/CIA & it listens & records from your phones' microphone constantly, records video from your phones' camera constantly, tracks your movements, online activity & card purchases constantly - & archives every photo, video, message & piece of information possible . . . using THE DEVICE that is always by your side!!!

If you think for one minute that not being on Facebook means that your privacy is intact - then you've got an awful lot to learn!



The same goes for the Nextdoor app - which uses the same technology (& for the exact same purposes) as all the Facebook, Instagram & Twitter apps.

They most likely use the colour green to symbolise your naivety in signing up to their spying operations.

Go charge up that "smart phone" now - make sure they get every word you say!!


For more information & if you value the privacy of yourself & your family, please watch the following videos: