Shroud of Turin validated by science

The Shroud of Turin is authentic - according to the latest scientific research.

Above image of Jesus derived from data taken from the Shroud of Turin


We all know about the well publicised Carbon C14 dating…

The 'Jesus is Horus' myth debunked

One characteristic shared by almost every atheist  I've encountered, is their eagerness to latch onto anything that could possibly challenge the authenticity of Christianity.

They're practically falling over themselves  to believe so called "scientists"  and their all

Manchester "bombing" was fake!

The Manchester "bombing" at the Ariana Grande concert was fake.

Here we go again - another 'false flag event' so "the authorities" can 'legislate away our rights'  in the name of security.

Just ask yourself a few questions;

Born free?

Every person on this plane  called Earth is born to be both free equal  to everyone else - that's a simple fact.

Yet seeing without seeing  that we are being bullied, gangstalked, slandered, intimidated, stolen from, maimed…

Digital music sucks!

Most people are unaware of the actual differences between digital & analogue recordings, & why would they - unless there's a reason for knowing?

The general assumption has been that all things digital are superior to analogue, but (while digital…

Yamaha MU100r - a wolf in sheeps' clothing

The Yamaha MU100r rackmount synthesizer module.
Deceptively powerful MIDI instrument, vocal harmoniser & multi effects unit. 

Yamahas' XG system extends the editing & variety of sounds exponentially over & above the standard General Midi protocol. 
The quality & variety of…

Yamaha QY-700 - Still the king of hardware sequencers!

The QY-700 is simply the most powerful sequencer ever made! 
Anyone who creates electronic music & uses it will reach that same inevitable conclusion. 

32 tracks of MIDI running alongside fully programmable 16 track accompaniment patterns, preset & user…

That syncing feeling

Most people have (by now)  come across the numerous (possibly viral)  videos of Mariah Careys' New Years' Eve performance, that didn't go quite so well for her.
Saw quite a few 'reaction v-logs'  where they described it as a …

What's not to like about the Yamaha CS1x?

This is a 'sample based' synthesizer, but one that was designed from the ground up to sound 'analogue' ...& it certainly does!


Yamaha have done a great job at making a little synth sound absolutely huge! 
This IS a full…