Up-scaling Audio?

Up-scaling Audio?

Is it possible to improve the quality of already recorded  music?

Technically speaking  - the honest answer is no,  but subjectively - I would say the answer is definitely yes.

Most people who work with…

The New World Order

The new world order

The sparse nature of this blog is deliberate - but here's a link to a video (not embedded because of the raw & serious nature of the content).

When YouTube deletes this linked…

Spam, scam thank you Ma'am!

Spam, scam, thank you Ma'am!

I got an unsolicited email recently that made me laugh so much, I felt compelled to share it here (for a laugh) on my blog page.

The only thing more amusing than a

2024 If Not Before!

Tiocfaidh ár lá!

Joe McDonnell (lyrics excerpt)

O me name is Joe McDonnell from 
Belfast town I came 
That city I will 
Never see again 
For in the town of Belfast 
I spent many happy days 

Just having a laugh.

Just having a laugh.

Ha! Ha! Ha!


         Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For  (he he!)

They look mortified - 'coz they are you see (I don't mean U2)

Don't forget - no

The Truth About "Gender Fluidity"

The Truth about "Gender Fluidity"  (31st May 2019)

Video version of this blog:

It has been said that there is a co-relationship  between the rise of diagnosed cases of diabetes, with the availability & use of 

Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Multi Gym Review

Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Multi Gym Review

(AKA - the Tunturi WT80 below)

Just to clarify why a musician & truth seeker is reviewing home gym equipment.

Some time ago (around the year 2006) I stopped

Googles' Censory Rooms

Googles' Censory Rooms

When members of the Jewdeo-freemasonic oligarchy  can't compete  with something, or cannot tolerate the fact that there's someone offering an unbiased  alternative to the people, they do everything they can to remove, censor, block or…

Yamaha Portable Piano?

Yamaha portable piano?

Are you thinking of buying a portable piano for live use?

Introducing the new Yamaha P-511 73-note Portable Piano ....

.... which (unfortunately for now) exists only in our dreams!

We live…

Just In Case You Didn't Know....

Just In Case You Didn't Know ....

....911 Was An Inside Job!

As usual, don't take my word for it - look at the evidence  preferably before Jewtube removes it.

Below: Video playlist - 911 Was

The Truth About Meat and Dairy

The Truth About Meat And Dairy

Like many people, because of Judeo-freemasonic indoctrination  I believed human beings were omnivores (in the same way I believed Earth was a globe - & for the same reason.)

The truth…