What's not to like about the Yamaha CS1x?

This is a 'sample based' synthesizer, but one that was designed from the ground up to sound 'analogue' ...& it certainly does!


Yamaha have done a great job at making a little synth sound absolutely huge! 
This IS a full size synth, but it's very compact & very light, while still being very well made (well it is a Yamaha!) 
The heavyweight comes in the form of its' sounds, which are basically 'hundreds' of analogue synthesizer sounds, drums & sound partials (bits used to piece sound programs together) packed into this multi-timbral, 64 note polyphonic instrument. 

I don't think there's been any portable analogue synthesizers with 64 note polyphony, which makes this quite unique in the possibilities it offers ...for huge sound coupled with real-time control. 
Not only can you put big sounds into huge layers, but you can also play them live over real-time multi-instrument accompaniment from your sequencer, as the CS1x is also GM/XG compatible ...& multi-timbral. 

The analogue filters have been faithfully recreated & the samples are long, which means 'analogue tuning drift' can be sometimes be heard, giving the sound extra warmth & movement. 
These sounds really breathe ...as the layered elements react & interact within their sound programs ...hats off to Yamaha for that! 
This is one of the many features that makes the CS1x such a great performance synthesizer. 

This is a fantastic machine for any kind of electronic music, progressive rock or anyone who just wants something a little bit different without being at all complicated. 
Definitely recommend the Yamaha CS1x!