Vaccines do indeed cause autism

Vaccines do indeed cause autism among many other things.

The FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) has listed AUTISM as one of the many possible side effects of vaccines - in an official document.

This confirms what many of us have strongly suspected for a long time.

|Note: This subject is heavily censored  - as you can see two videos embedded in this blog have already been removed| 

 Some time ago, when I was naive enough  to be on a certain social network,  all Hell seemed to break loose after I shared my own families' experience of the long term, injurious effects  of the MMR vaccine.  It's amazing how quickly morons  gang up to bully you when you say something that challenges their television programmed belief system!

While some would have been genuine in their (misguided) beliefs, many of them were actually people that know me, pretending to be strangers  in order to give themselves a chance to work out their inadequacies - by having a go at me online.

How sad is that?

In the words of Jonathon Swift"...the dunces will join in confederacy against him." (lol)


But there were also many medics & pharmacists among the critics  who are conditioned to perpetrate the industry  that their profession has become largely dependant upon.

The pharmaceutical industry don't exist to keep you healthy - they just want to profit as much as possible from you, between the dates of your birth & your death.

That's why most doctors maintain that vaccines are safe - because through orchestrated misinformation they basically become puppets for the pharmaceutical industry.

Too bad higher level "education" doesn't teach you to think for yourself. 

If you don't want to watch the videos in this blog, that's your choice - but do please watch this one.

So we're told that the latest "independent studies"  have proved that the vaccines are safe - what we're not told  is that these studies are conducted by laboratories set up by ....guess who ....the same pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccines!!!!


So now that the truth about some of these vaccines & their serious side effects is being admitted by (among others) the US Food & Drugs Administration, shows that parents have every right & reason to be concerned - especially when the effects of vaccine injury can be so life changing for everyone  involved.


The FDA is well respected worldwide, so such an admission (on their own website) is a huge blow to the pro-vax movement, who have a history of dismissing any scientific study of vaccines that doesn't reach their desired conclusions.

The video below (or channel) has been removed, proving there IS indeed a conspiracy to hide the truth about this subject.

It's also worth mentioning the allegations against Harvey Weinstein were (most likely) made not because of his behaviour, but because of his involvement in making the film VAXXED ...which the big pharmaceutical companies that produce toxic vaccines don't want you to see!

Robert DeNiro also - isn't it interesting that yet another person involved with this film & the debate about vaccine safety,  just happens to suddenly  get outed as a pervert??? 

The pro-vaxers can gang up, bully & attack the messengers all they want, in an effort to detract from the message - but this message isn't going away.

 The FDA should know a bit more about vaccines than smart-ass, pro-vax morons!

Enough said?

 Of course no blog on the subject of vaccine caused autism would be complete without mention of Dr Andrew Wakefield who suffered years of persecution, personal & professional expense for courageously bringing this truth to light in 1998.

The recent FDA admission only serves to vindicate Dr Wakefield, his co-researchers & their tireless efforts to protect children.

Here's two videos in which Dr Wakefield talks about his ongoing work & the continuing willful ignorance damage limitation practiced by a cynical & unscrupulously corrupt pharmaceutical industry, & the government elements that protect them.


Below - videos big pharma  don't want you to see......

Above: Truth censorship - video removed .....but I've re-embedded it below.

......& what happens to those involved in speaking out about it

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