The Truth About Meat and Dairy

The Truth About Meat And Dairy

Like many people, because of Judeo-freemasonic indoctrination  I believed human beings were omnivores (in the same way I believed Earth was a globe - & for the same reason.)

The truth about almost everything  is deliberately hidden from us, but (despite aggressive censorship) there are still plenty of videos on Jewtube & elsewhere that show what the 'meat & poultry industry'  don't want you to see - because they know most people would be horrified by it.

The people who own the banks, also own the supermarkets & (most importantly) the meat, poultry & pharmaceutical industries as well.

They know that (apart from being bloodlusty & cruel by default)  conditioning us to eat 'animal products'  also destroys our health - which they can then profit further from, by the subsequent "requirement"  for pharmaceutical products that meat & poultry consumption  creates.


Detective Rosewood: 
Wow. You know, it says here that by the time the average American is fifty, he has five pounds of undigested red meat in his bowels. 

Sergeant Taggart: 
Why are you telling me this? What makes you think I have any interest in that at all? 

Detective Rosewood: 
Well, you eat a lot of red meat.

(Above: well known scene from Beverly Hills Cop)


Unhealthiness  is big business  to big pharma  - that's also why their media keep telling us that vaccines are safe - when nothing could be further from the truth!

Above: One of many terrified & doomed cows, crying on their way to slaughter.

Not only does eating the flesh of slaughtered animals & birds throw off our natural PH levels (causing a great many health problems - including cancer) but all the fear, stress & agony experienced by these poor animals throughout their experiences inevitably  leaves it's own energetic signature,  which will eventually become part of the meat-eater  as well.

As the saying goes; 'you are what you eat' - that's not just the physical  elements, but every  element of what we eat.  There is another saying; 'ignorance is bliss' - & this is the reason most meat eaters  won't want to see what is actually going on  within the 'meat & poultry industry'.

Animals feel emotions like we do, they grieve over lost family like we do, they experience love, fear, happiness & pain in exactly the same ways (and possibly in other ways we don't yet understand) - as we do.

Above:  Everything retains energy - because everything IS energy. Have you heard of muscle memory?  Well, the same principal applies to everything we consume, which is not always good for us. This also applies in the case of  inherited memories  which may well be actual reason  some people believe they have had past lives.

If we truly  were omnivores  we would eat raw, uncooked  animal produce (as the other carnivores/omnivores do) & think nothing of killing them ourselves. We would happily eat roadkill  by the side of the road & we would never need to cook, season, marinate & conceal  the taste of animal flesh, the way some of us actually do.

The people who want us to eat meat & poultry  are the same people who wish to control us  by a process that causes us to degenerate  in every way possible. It's time to say NO to their control & to put an end to this inhumane cruelty  - for once & for all!

Remember that your silence is your consent!

Here's a video by Eric Dubay - The Truth About Meat And Dairy, watch it while you can. I would also recommend that you find & watch other videos he & others have on this subject.

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