The Truth About "Gender Fluidity"

The Truth about "Gender Fluidity"  (31st May 2019)

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It has been said that there is a co-relationship  between the rise of diagnosed cases of diabetes, with the availability & use of artificial sweeteners.

Some doctors postulate that artificial sweeteners confuse our mechanism for dealing with sugar intake  by creating the false expectation  (by our digestive systems)  for sugars  in response to our tongues tasting something sweet - but then the 'expected sugar'  never comes into our system ....hence throwing off our natural calibration  (blood insulin level)  & eventually  causing the condition of diabetes.

This would seem to make sense (though I honestly don't know for sure)  but it does illustrate just how straight-forward some of our basic biological systems  are - & how easily they can sometimes be confused.

Similarly, placing & holding an ice cube on the carotid artery  will eventually make you shiver,  despite the fact that your core body temperature might be normal.

So what has that got to do with so-called gender fluidity?

Well, in this blog entry - rather than tell you  that a lot of the worlds' most famous "females"  are actually males (and vice versa)  I thought it would be better to go over some of the fundamental anatomical differences  between women & men, so that we can collectively come to realise  the reality of the situation that exists . . . .

. . . . that the media have been orchestrating the 'deliberate manufacture' of "gender fluidity" for years - by hiding transsexuals in plain sight!

As usual - don't take my word for it  (or anyone elses')  - it's much better that YOU know what you're looking for, so that YOU can do your own research.


Here's the science bit.

It's a scientific fact  that there is no known way  of actually changing  the sex of an individual - as we are all born either female or male.  So called 'sex change surgeries'  can only 'cosmetically refashion'  someones anatomy to somewhat resemble  that of the opposite sex, but it is absolutely true that sex is in fact hard wired from the beginning of life.

Females have X-X chromosomes  in all of their body cells, whereas males have X-Y chromosomes  - which proves  that from the moment of conception,  we are predetermined to be one or the other  & there's absolutely nothing  we can do to change that!

Let's look at the fundamental differences between the sexes.


Head & scull differences

Above: Frontal view of male & female scull.

Notice that men typically have thicker, heavier sculls  with a ridge above the brow (to protect the eyes from punches probably) a squarer jaw line, squarer chin, & their forehead contour tends to sweep backwards  from the brow.

Female sculls typically have a more 'oval shape'  & are finer  with no noticeable brow ridge, a more rounded jaw line, more pointed chin  & their foreheads tend to sweep upwards, then contouring back in a more cemi-spherical way.  Generally lighter, narrower & smaller  than a male scull.


Overall bodily proportions

While there are inevitable variations  in all humans, the fundamental differences between sexes always remain evident - like the hip-to-shoulder ratio.

As you can see from the above image, most womens' shoulder width tends to fall in line with their hips (about twice their head width)  while mens' shoulders tend to be much wider than their hips (about three times their head width)  & with slightly less of a slope downward. 

In the above illustration we can see that the indentation at the side of the waist of a woman is always above the navel  - giving that hour-glass (hay ho I'm fertile - & clearly not-pregnant)  shape that real men  find so attractive.  Women also have a smaller rib cage & a wider pelvic girdle  which naturally makes pregnancy less complicated.

The indentation at the side of a mans' waist  is always below the navel  & (unlike a woman)  his rib cage is bigger  & his hips are narrow - not conducive to childbirth.


The arms, wrists & hands

The size & proportions  of the wrists, hands & fingers  are also a give-away to the true sex  of an individual.

Men tend to have a ring finger that is longer  than their index finger - whereas with women, the index & ring fingers tend to be around the same size with the index finger  often being slightly longer.  Also, womens' wrists & hands  tend to be finer & more petite  than mens' typically are.


Other signs

Above: The Adams' apple - only visible in men - can be reduced with surgery, but it does grow back over time.

Above: The Adonis belt (the curved line between lower abdomen & hips) - visible in athletic men, but never in women.

While there are surgical procedures available to people who wish to appear more like members of the opposite sex (facial modification, jaw implants, Adams' apple reduction, hormone therapies, hip fat injection & perhaps even in rare cases - hip replacements) it tends to be only rich celebrities that can afford to avail of any of them - & none of them can do much (if anything) to change the relative lengths of their fingers, the layout of their abdominal muscles, their head/body height proportions, or their shoulder-to-hip ratio, among other things.

They even have readily available prosthetic 'baby bellies' known as moonbumps to fake their pregnancies! (Interesting - how they reference the moon with products used for fakery, isn't it?)

Makes you wonder why would there even be a market for such expensive items - if not for "the elite" to deceive people. (A bit like NASA & their project blue beam (advanced 3D Holograms) - why would a "space agency" be researching holograms??)

It's also worth mentioning here that because a man can change his appearance to resemble that of a woman  (& successfully pass himself off as one) - or a woman can change to look like a man  (& consequently be mistaken for one) it cannot alter the fact - that every cell in their body is STILL the sex they were born to be, regardless of how they want to identify.

If a person chooses to identify as a cat - that doesn't make them a cat! 

I once saw a programme called 'The Leopard Man'  about a guy who had his entire body tattooed in 'leopard print'  because he identified as a leopard,  & spent all his spare time bounding around the forest on all fours - does that make him a leopard??? 

I wish I was 22 again - but that doesn't make it so either???

Above: What we're led to believe the most famous transsexuals look like.

This may be the case if they decide on their "change of gender"  during adult life, but many Hollywood celebrity families have been "trans-gendering"  their children as part of their Lucifarian  religious practices - & it's not just in Hollywood they've been doing it either.

Below: What the most famous transsexuals actually look like

The unpleasant & evil practice of pre-pubescent castration  is common among such families. When this happens, many of the 'manly characteristics'  associated with male puberty  - (beard growth, deepening voice, greater muscle mass, etc) - simply never take place,  leaving the individual with a somewhat less masculine appearance,  which helps to pass them off as women  later on in life.  Obviously - some 'trannys'  are easier to spot  than others.

This practice is mentioned in the Scriptures (along with sodomy) as an abomination  (meaning it greatly displeases our creator)  & so, it is therefore pleasing to their deity  - Lucifer  (known also by other titles - including the devil & Satan) ...who is also believed to be androgynous.

Above: In the words of Eric Dubay; "Mary the mother of God becomes the material girl in a material world..."

With the kind of information shown above, we have all the tools  to determine whether the person in the above image is in fact a 'material girl'  or a 'material guy'  (do your own transvestigation).

Wouldn't it be interesting  if the overtly satanic music industry  would have indeed chosen to 'mock the mother of Christ'  with the 'ultimate abomination'  - an all singing, all dancing, image of the Baphomet . . . called Madonna?

Interesting facts:  "Madonnas' daughter"  is called 'Lourdes'  & one of "her"  compilation albums is called 'The Immaculate Collection'

Many celebrities  (especially music stars)  become role models  for children & teenagers,  some of which (during adolescence - the most sexually & emotionally turbulent time of their lives)  cannot understand  why they might find their favourite pop star  (who may apparently  be of the same sex) - physically attractive to them  (because their idols are in reality - of the opposite sex) - hence causing their fans  to become deeply confused & to 'question their own sexuality.'

You see how devious & sinister  this really is?

Is it any wonder then - why so many people today are becoming homosexual or bisexual?  When so many models, movie stars & pop stars - are actually trannys hidden in plain sight!


As with the truth about the flat Earth  there is a lot of deliberate misinformation  about this subject.

From within the entertainment industry, many rumours are spread about individual celebrities being 'transsexuals'  that may, or may not be true  (in an effort to muddy the waters  & make it harder to discern the real truth about it)  while other "women celebrities"  have been mockingly  coming out with comments like;

"I'm a man - I'm a tranny."

It's all part of what they call "The Great Work" . . . because they all play for 'team Lucifer'.  They thrive on lies, confusion & love to mock us - by hiding the truth in plain sight.  Some even have names that are a clear reference to 'castrated animals' - & I'm not just talking Bullocks.


Below: The Kinks - 'Lola' (1970)

Agenda planned for years - note the prophetic lyrics: "Girls will be boys and boys will be girls,  It's a mixed up muddled up shook up world . . ."


We must take everything they say  with a grain of salt & look at the 'scientific evidence.' instead.  The 'real truth'  fears no investigation - & is plain to see, for those of us with the eyes to see it.

Below: In the words of Shakira - "The hips don't lie"

So why would they do this?

1. To honour their deity - Lucifer (AKA:  Apollo, Isis, Helios, Venus, Horus, Artemis ...etc)

2. To cause gender confusion, promote homosexuality, perversion & diminish fertility,

3. As part of the Cabals' de-population program  (see the Georgia Guide Stones  or Denver Airport Murals,  among many other things  that mockingly  show their sinister plans for mankind - in plain sight)

4. Control - if they can fool you, they can rule you,

5. Duping delight - they get a kick out of lies & deceit (well they do worship the father of lies)

6. To raise power  for Lucifer by openly mocking the creator in plain sight,

7.   More "trannys"  means more 'male control' - freemasonry is well known to be a 'misogynistic institution'  (excluding women completely)  While there are lodges started by feminist women  (known as 'co-masons')freemasonry as a whole  has always refused to recognise them.

Above:  But I thought women couldn't join masonic lodges - oh yeah, now I get it.

Addendum (Dec 2019): The origin of the term 'DRAG' is somewhat disputed, but it is believed to come from the the theatre,  where (for centuries) - the freemasons, who have almost always controlled the entertainment business (and in keeping with their misogynistic tradition)  preferred to give even the female roles  to men - many of whom were lodge members.  So (it is believed) the term 'DRAG' - 'Dressed Regally AGirl' or 'DRessed AGirl' originated from that.

Makes you wonder if the term 'LESBAIN' might have a similar origin  - as a variation on the word 'THESPAIN' - but I haven't yet bothered to check it out.  One thing is in no doubt though, is that freemasons have complete control  over the entertainment industry today - you just have to take a look at all the eye flashing, eye covering, hand signing, devil worshipping puppets to see that this is no coincidence.

 The term 'DRAG QUEEN' comes from the fact that (for centuries) the aristocracy (blue bloods) have been marrying advantageously  in order to maximise their power. Such "marriages" were often planned years in advance. So if the expected child turned out to be the "wrong sex" - no problem ....they would just bring the 'little Albert'  up as a 'little Alberta'  & so, the royal families could still benefit from the long arranged "marriage."  Just check out some old photos of royal families  online (with new eyes) & see if you can spot some of these "drag queens."

So - if it worked for "the elites" back then, why would they want to change it now? The answer is simple, & obvious - they haven't!

It might also be worth searching online for the term " the castrati "

That's why it's best that everyone has the knowledge to enable them to discern the extent to which we are all being lied to.

So, if or when  you do your own transvestigation  into just one major celebrity  & find that they are in fact not what they seem to be,  you'll then start to notice all the trannys on TV - absolutely everywhere!

It's actually quite shocking  - I've seen them in films, TV shows, a great many adverts, music videos - & some hugely popular TV dramas even seem to have (what appears to be) an all male cast - I kid you not!!

If that wasn't bad enough, I've spotted them in numerous DisneyNickleodeon & CBBC "childrens' programmes" (among many others that my offspring watch every day)  & they're not just extras  - they're the leading characters!!

As anyone who transvestigates  will see - many of those said to be "..some of the most beautiful women in the world"  are actually transsexuals - hidden in plain sight.

And doesn't it kinda figure  - that a certain celebrity  who comes out & identifies a 'very prominent public figure'  as a tranny  'just happens to die' - five days later???

Was she right?

You can check - then decide.

Also, a great many of the biggest "male" celebrities  actually have tranny "wives" - & this "gender fluidity" agenda  is also being pushed into our schools . . . & even our "churches"!!

But then - sodomy has always been a feature of satanic rituals.

So - just as our systems can be confused by what our body thinks is 'sugar on our tongue', or 'an icy breeze on our neck' - being conditioned by the media into thinking what is actually a man - is 'a beautiful woman' or an actual woman - is 'a handsome man' (repeatedly - & over generations)  may well have the 'desired effect' - a 100% manufactured gender fluidity - that the liars claim is 'natural' - when nothing could be further from the truth!

Indoctrination works - that's why they use it?

Below: When the LGBT movement starts to show its' true  colours.

Update (Aug 2019): The video embedded below (which has now been removed by YouTube as part of their truth censorship campaign) showed footage of LGBT marches full of people in S&M gear parading in front of children, wearing strap on devices, crotch-less or backless underwear, suspenders, chains, leather masks & carrying whips & other utensils - in an outward celebration of the utter perversion  that they expect us & our kids to accept as normal.

I've added another video (to the end of this blog) which essentially carries the same message about this diabolical LGBT movement - I have a feeling YouTube won't be able to CENSOR OUT that one!

I've also added a YouTube video from (2nd last video) because it explains the Christian position on homosexuality & the rationale behind it - very well.


Below: As you can see, the embedded video has been censored by YouTube in their efforts to conceal the truth.

Here's videos showing the extent of this deception - be warned though . . . . once you know what you're looking for . . . you really  can't miss them!

In the second video, it's really only the very last part  that is relevant - but it's worth waiting for. 

The third video is the full interview  with Dr. Michelle Cretella, on transgenderism.

"Oh for the days when a woman was a woman, a man was a man, a pansy was a flower - & a tranny was a portable radio!" - Unknown.

Below: Another truth video - deleted by YouTube ....self explanatory!

Below: Either JD Williams prefer to use vomit inducingly ugly models - or these are all actually men (you decide).

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