The new Yamaha Genos

Yamaha have announced the Tyros 5 replacement

the Genos!


Pretty exciting for those of us who are that way inclined.

So what's the 'Gen'???

A website exists ( which has invited enthusiasts to vote for 'wished for' features, or even add one - but unfortunately I had way more than just one on my wish list.

So I'd like to share my 'hoped for'  features here - along with (what I think is)  a wee invention  of mine - which would be very useful if implemented on an arranger workstation like this.


Here's my feature wish list

  1.  Audio styling that includes actual pitch changing audio, of instruments like guitars, basses etc,
  2.  A slimmer & lighter case,
  3.  Sequencer synced audio tracks, 4 or maybe even more,
  4.  Possible upgrades like high resolution piano boards, FM & analogue synth sound boards,
  5.  88 note hammer action keyboard availability,
  6.  Balanced mic input with analogue  pre-amp & compression, maybe even feedback suppression,
  7.  An arpeggiator or dual arpeggiator,
  8.  Velocity sensitive pads to facilitate drum programming
  9.  Groove templates - like on the excellent QY-700 Sequencer,
  10. ...& that brings me to my idea (which may or may not be unique)  but here it is....'s what I call the Rocker Acc/Dec foot controller (see illustration Below)

It's basically a 'centre detented' foot controller for Tempo.

This foot controller would allow acceleration & deceleration of the accompaniment tempo by a user definable amount, let's say +or- 8% by default, so that the 'feel' of a live band performance (& hence the realism) could easily be simulated. The player would simply push forward (accelerate with the toe) to increase the tempo (like for the bridge or chorus) - or pull back (decelerate with the heel) to slow up the tempo, & if let go, the foot controller would spring into it's centre (default) position.

This would make for a much more human & expressive performance.

Arranger keyboard performances would no longer have to be considered clinical by some  & could be every bit as expressive & emotional as any  other instrument.

This seems to be the direction that Yamaha are going anyway with their audio styles - taking arranger keyboards into much more realism.

So that's the idea.

Don't know of any keyboard manufacturers implementing anything like this before, but it's something most arranger keyboardists would appreciate - once they understood it.

Looking forward to hopefully hearing a Genos  soon.

One thing is for sure with Yamaha - it's bound to be awesome!

For more information please click on the picture below


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