That syncing feeling

Most people have (by now)  come across the numerous (possibly viral)  videos of Mariah Careys' New Years' Eve performance, that didn't go quite so well for her.
Saw quite a few 'reaction v-logs'  where they described it as a 'lip-sync thing'  or similar - but in reality it was nothing of the kind ...on that particular track it was actually the exact opposite.

Let me explain:
It was obviously planned (by some anyway) that this particular song was to have a live  vocal from Mariah, but the reason it didn't was because the singer was receiving no monitor signal.

The sound you hear at live shows may sound great to you, but it can be a muffled, reverberating mess to the people onstage - difficult to hear clearly, let alone keep track of.
You could yell at the top of your voice & still not hear yourself because of the sheer volume of the music.

This problem is usually overcome by using a realtime feed of a mixed signal
(known as the monitor mix) either blasted upwards to the stage performers using wedge monitor speakers or wirelessly to them using a direct 'in ear' monitoring system, so that they can hear & keep pitch within the song.

This is the system that was non-functional for Mariah on New Years Eve - & this is why she wasn't singing.

One of the things that makes singers unique is the ability to listen as you sing  & keep your voice in tune.
If you can't hear yourself
(no matter how talented you are)  you will inevitably have problems staying in tune.
This is why people who can't do this are often called 'tone deaf' - because of their inability to use their hearing to keep their voice in the right melody.

So simply put; it was because Mariah couldn't hear herself singing live 
(through her 'in ear' monitor)  that she opted not to make the futile attempt at singing deaf  which may have sounded way below standard.
This is also what happened to Adele at one of her performances at a music awards show, but being relatively less experienced than a seasoned pro performer  like Mariah, Adele did  try singing deaf - & it sounded not so good.

In both cases it wasn't their fault - they obviously fell victim to sabotage.

Let's face it - if they can get this right at school concerts, parish centres & Nativity plays, an industry that stages performances all the time should be able to get a simple monitor signal feed done correctly!
The first song was  lip-synced though, & this made sure the part where Mariah had been planned to look bad  came only after the performance was already underway  - so she couldn't refuse to appear until the monitor signal was present.

Of course her production company deny this - but they would, wouldn't they? (lol)

Under the circumstances I think Mariah Carey handled it well, with considerable professionalism & grace - to be put in such an unenviable
(to say the least) position.
Probably not exactly the reaction the spiteful guilty party was looking for though.

The 'absent monitor signal trick' is an old one, & usually results in an off key
(incompetent looking) performance - usually  used as revenge, because of jealousy, or as a future bargaining chip for miserably cynical record executives to use when negotiating renewal of a recording deal.

One thing is for sure though - this is unlikely to happen to Mariah again.
Mariah Carey is an Aries - & they rarely allow themselves to fall victim to the same trick more than once.
Whether you're a fan of Mariah or not - it's a fact that at least two generations of female vocalists have copied her vocal style - to the extent that now, almost everyone  is an R&B singer ...but she is the original  R&B pop diva.

Here's one of the songs that started it all.