There's a secret rule  in the entertainment industry across the world. 

'Only BLUE BLOOD or JEW BLOOD'  - (also known as 'blew bloods'  - from the seed of Cain - descendants of the Nephilim). 

Above: Visual representation of the all seeing eye of Horus/Helios/Apollo/Lucifer - which the dumbed-down sheep think is just a coincidence!

That's why we see so many 'offspring'  of actors, musicians & singers 'just happening'  to be successful (like their parents) - & that is what the 'Shhh!'  symbol (seen in so many music videos) actually means.  It is associated with Luciferianism  - & the ancient practice of selling your soul to the devil in exchange for success, fame & fortune.

The 'Shhh!'  is the UN-iversal ('UN'-holy)  sign of the initiates  into the Ancient sun cult (Helios/Apollo/Horus/Lucifer etc)  of the androgynous one  that goes by many (both male & female) names.

This club  for the bloodline of Cain (the first murderer, who, was actually sired by Lucifer, the truth of which has been edited  out of the Bible - this is what the fall of mankind  actually refers to)  is the reason why Luciferianism  is so huge among the so-called elite ruling class,  who dominate the music & entertainment industries (among many other things) around the world.

It's also why (as a consequence) so many 'locked out'  entertainers & musical artistes end up in the 'truth & flat Earth movement'. 

Nowadays even the most 'untalented blew bloods'  are being pushed into the limelight (well you didn't think the Kardashians were famous for their unique abilities did you??)  The 'celebrities'  we know are all  selected from this 'elite'  tiny percentage of the worlds' population - & no-one else (no matter how talented)  stands a chance.

Comedians & actors - many of whom are neither comical  nor able to act,  keep popping up onscreen like bad pennies. 
Often they'll switch roles  too - just look at the amount of "comedians"  that end up in 'serious acting roles'  or actors/actress's that become pop stars - ever wonder why? 

A large number of "artistes"  can't even sing live  (they are 'autotuned' & 'vocaligned' in studios) yet they're selected & then 'hyped'  - mainly because of their connections & bloodlines. 
All their dance moves too, have to be 'carefully choreographed for them'  - because they lack the 'natural ability'  to perform spontaneously. 

In reality, most people who think "talent shows"  (like X-Factor & America/Britain's Got Talent or even the Eurovision) are real,  probably think the "moon landings"  were real  also - which speaks for itself. 

The entertainment industry is absolutely full  of 'gay & transsexual, satanic, judeo-freemasonic gate-keepers'  - they are most certainly NOT equal opportunities employers!!

So if you ever wonder why the LGBT agenda  is being systematically pushed by the entire entertainment industry (despite the fact that transvestites apparently  make up only a third of 1% of the Earths' population) - at least now you know - that this is NOT a coincidence.

Homosexuality, so-called 'gender fluidity' & abortion are all ways for Lucifer/Satan to gain power - as well as being part of the judeo-freemasonic de-population agenda.

You can think about that next time you're about to buy a record!