Trust their captors,

Easily fightened,

Easily exploited,

Not very bright,

Easily led ....

.... usually to slaughter.


Any questions??

Note: Our hearts go out to the many workplace employees, who face dismissal if they refuse to wear a mask, but out in the street, in your car ... & yes - even in shops, you do have a choice.

The government is a creation of mankind - (for the service of mankind) & therefore has no authority to give orders to people under any circumstances.

They don't want you to know this, but all legal statutes (bullshit rules foisted on those ignorant of their fundamental human rights) are contracts under maritime law (commercial law) - & have no jurisdiction (Jew-Ras'-diction) on land where only common law applies.

As such, these contracts have to be voluntarily entered into by all parties - so, if present the order-takers in uniform (police) will try to dupe you by saying:

"You must wear a face mask, do you understand that?"

Do you 'understand'  means do you 'stand under' (the bullshit rule) - & if you refuse to do so, they have no valid contract - & so can take no action.


If the uniformed puppets then try to force the issue, that constitutes possible harassment, assault & unlawful arrest - all of which should land them in deep trouble.

You don't have to (& shouldn't) bow down to bullies and/or racketeering gang members (which is basically what they are) - their fines (legal extortion) are unlawful & unenforceable - & (as public servants) they answer to you - not the other way around.

Note: When we anagram 'the law'  we get the word 'wealth'

When we reduce the word 'police' in numerology  we get the number 33 . . . hmmm!

Learn your rights!


The truth doesn't care how you feel about it, needs no defence fears no investigation.



When Lou Minnati can beam the truth right into peoples' homes - yet they still can't see it (????)



Flu World Order


It gets worse - that's not all they're lying about (see videos below)