Self Improvement vs Moronity


Self Improvement vs Moronity



It's hard to understand why some people think others should suffer because of THEIR complete lack of direction. 


Seems the only thing that can motivate some people  is the psychotic envy  experienced when they encounter someone who has truly developed their abilities  & has something  to show for it. 


It's that awkward feeling  when they realise that all  they have to show for their sad, petty & slandering lives . . . . has largely been flushed down the toilet - so they take it out on accomplished & progressive people, in their desperate attempt to make themselves  feel better. 



Even more hard to understand - are the SHEEP who take it all in, when a moron starts slandering.


It never  occurs to them that what they're being told could be motivated by envy & a deep rooted sense of worthlessness. 

They'll happily accept lies & distortions of the truth  because it makes them feel better too. 


It's as though it's 'perfectly OK' to call that woman with a kind heart & a perfect figure  an 'arrogant slut' - or to drown out that amazing guitarist  with 'strumming noise' - because it makes them  feel better about their sorry selves - & everyone around them seems to feel the same way. 



The 'instant rapport' of morons - but it's never OK to do or say bad things against good people! 

Even worse is when they're so consumed with envy that they want to hurt and/or embarrass the person. It's actually really sad that people could have such a 'vaccum' in their lives, being so lost & in darkness - that their tiny minds could even think that such behaviour is ok!

They're not actually hating you - they're actually hating themselves, but taking it out on you, because they've come to associate you with negative feelings.

This seems to be a control thing as well.  They can't stand encountering someone who is unafraid to develop their abilities & follow their dreams (something morons never have the courage to do)  so they feel compelled to either control them, or (at least) try to influence (control)  everyone elses' perception of them.

'How dare you walk in here - reminding me that I'm a moron!' - is what their attitude seems to be, so they call them 'arrogant' . . rather than accepting that ambition & self belief are actually very positive things.

But in our pseudo-science believingtelevision-programmed, God-less "reality" - narcissism is pandemic, & nothing hurts the 'egotistical'  more than a walking, breathing reminder of their aimless & wasteful lifestyle.

Having no real abilities though, means that their ego is fragile (without merit) - & this is what makes their encounter with truly unique or talented individuals so very painful.



That apparently 'arrogant slut'  might spend hours in the gym, not because she's arrogant - but because she believes (unlike the morons) that there's room for improvement  in her physical appearance. 


She'll always be remembered for her beauty & compassion. 
What will the morons be remembered for? 


That amazing guitarist  might practice for hours every day to drown out constant family rows in his home - but morons would never  see that, because they're too stupid & self obsessed  & consequently lack the sensitivity to empathise with anyone. 


He'll always be remembered for his music. 
What will the morons be remembered for again? 


See what I'm getting at?

We all have the choice to progress (mentally, physically & spiritually) - or to cop out.

If someone is a moron, they have no-one to blame but themselves - for their laziness, for their sloth & for their arrogance - in never making any effort to improve. 



They just keep on texting, keep on social networking,  keep on eating,  keep on smoking,  keep on drinking  & keep on bitching, hating & slandering  anyone who isn't just like them. 

How sad & hopeless is that?

All their belief in authority, values, social & political views & attitudes that they actually think are their own - are programmed  into them via their TV - & they soak it all up like the sad, useless sponges they've allowed themselves to become!



Well - who's company is more uplifting, more fun, easier on the eyes & infinitely more inspiring?

I know who I'd rather spend time with.


Ultimately though, we should never be concerned about people getting envious of us (the ultimate compliment) . . . . . we should be concerned if they don't!



"We all have a light we ought to let shine.

Excuse me for believing in & never hiding mine" - yours truly


Cheers & God bless!


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