Regime Change

Regime Change

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Legalese (police speak) is all about deception. 
Duping you into accepting subservience  to the megalomaniac run state. 

Next time a uniformed order-taker asks you; 
" you understand the charge/s." 
The only correct answer is; 
"NO." - or just remain silent.

(IMPORTANT):  If you do not 'UNDER-STAND' - you do not 'STAND UNDER.' & without that - they cannot proceed  against you.

They rely completely  on your ignorance  of that fact!

ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL - so on principle alone,  you should never 'STAND UNDER' (under-stand) ANYONE!  Remember that  the state is a creation of man  & as such cannot ever be above  man. 

Remember also that police officers' wages are funded by the taxpayer - so whether they like it or not, they are public servants.

If you 'under-stand'  you are being duped into giving them your LEGAL CONSENT (basically a stick to beat you with) - so you could end up giving your hard earned money to PSYCHOPATHS who don't need it - for something that is NOT EVEN UNLAWFUL that they call 'an offence.' or worse.

An offence IS NOT A CRIME, because a CRIME has to have a VICTIM - an offence is victim-less. 

'Offences' are basically a made-up means by which a gang of sociopathic  uniformed puppets get to steal from people in the name of "justice" - & get off on it.

What's more perplexing is that some of these people are so deluded  that they actually think they're Christian!  Would love to know what part of 'Thy shalt not kill',  'Thy shalt not steal'  or 'Thy shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour'  did they not ....understand!!

What they'll never  tell you is that if you do not break common law  & refuse  to stand under statute law  (which is basically a load of  bullshit rules  contrived by the state for the purpose of legal extortion - not real law at all)  then you should never  find yourself in court.

That's why it's so important to them  that you "understand the charges" or the 'statutes' under which they operate - because if you don't . . . you cannot be bound by them.

As long as you know your rights,  you can make sure that they know their place!

Interesting fact:  When you anagram the phrase 'the law' it gives the word 'wealth' . . . hmm!

Common law  is there to protect all our fundamental human rights  (like the right to live freely, speak freely, travel unmolested, to own property, enjoy privacy at home & in public, to grow certain plants, swim in the sea, love & the pursuit of happiness etc)  - these are basically all the rights  that are now under attack  by exponents of the new world order  & so are routinely violated  by "police" (who are its' footsoldiers)but as we all know, there is one law  for them & another law  for everyone else! 

Above: Terrorism takes many forms.

So why do people put up with it - TV conditioning, or something else as well?


In parts of the North of Ireland (six out of Ulsters' nine Counties),  we live with the descendants of foreign (mostly Scottish & English) settlers,  which would be perfectly fine if we didn't have to endure unjust "laws"  imposed from a foreign country  in a contrived, constantly gerrymandered & completely artificial democracy.  

What's more - some of us know  that in North Ireland, members of the Nationalist community have to pay (on average) £200 to £400 'over & above the mandatory amount'  when convicted & fined - unofficially known as 'The Taig Charge'. (actually spelt 'Tadhg' - meaning Irishman)

You are also much more likely to be prosecuted in the first place,  if you come from a Nationalist/Catholic background (because you're a "Taig")  & more likely to be 'done'  for a "traffic offence"  within (or en route to or from) a Nationalist area.

Also, "taigs"  are presumed guilty until proven innocent - but even when proven innocent, the LVF/PSNI  will assume the position of denial  rather than letting their huge egos accept defeat - just ask the Finucane  or Nelson  families about that.

Of course the LVF/PSNI  will deny this - but what can you expect from a pig  but a grunt! (Ha!)

But aren't there Catholics in the "PSNI"? ....Yes of course there are! 

There has to be  - when the "RUC" changed their name to the "PSNI"  they had to 'bring in'  Catholic recruits as 'window dressing' - to sell the "new police force"  to the (soon to become a majority) Nationalist community - but they made damned sure  that all  the senior positions would remain kept by the same inner circle of bigoted gangsters  that have always been in control - so they could continue  to 'operate above the law.' 

They used the term 'kept on because of their experience'  as cover for their unwillingness to surrender authority & evidence - & some fools  may even have bought it.

Most of these "officers"  left early one week (to lodge their huge redundancy cheques) & returned the following week to the exact same positions,  in a slightly different uniform. The so-called "disbandment of the RUC simply never happened!

This is why they "don't have the resources"  to investigate past crimes, because it will lead them down an alley they don't want to go - between a 'rock & a hard place.'  
The 'rock'  of appearing incompetent
(because any "investigations" will come to nothing) or the 'hard place'  of exposing their covert paramilitary links, something they will never do

Besides - they're far too busy  gang-stalking & slandering innocent Nationalists & hovering helicopters over Ardoyne & West Belfast to "waste time"  bringing about closure for the families of "murdered Taigs." 

After all (to the LVF/PSNI)  murdering "Taigs" has never been regarded as a 'serious offence' - & should only be investigated under extreme public pressure  to do so. (A sentiment obviously shared by members of the British army)  This situation is almost identical  to the one faced by members of the African-American community in the USA - state murder with impunity!

Below: Heavily armed "police"  sat & watched as a Catholic man was beaten to death  in Portadown.  The whole incident occurred in view of a CCTV camera which the LVF/RUC  later claimed was (conveniently)  not operating that night!

You can change a leopards' name - but not it's spots!

Note: The actual amount of Roman Catholics in "the PSNI" is officially claimed to be around 30%, though this is a matter of some dispute, as all "Nationalist" members of the policing board have obviously been bought & paid for - & we know there is still ongoing opposition to the so-called 50/50 recruitment.​ Also, there doesn't seem to be any clarity as to how the official numbers are arrived at, or if they can even be verified. All we can be certain of is that we cannot take their word for it.

The​​​​ truth of the matter is that members of "the crown forces" simply don't trust "taigs" & cannot allow their main objective (preservation of the union) & ongoing sectarian activities (murder, brutality, intimidation, harassment, gangstalking, slander & selective prosecution) to be compromised in any way by what they see as "pan-Nationalist infiltration".

I strongly suspect however, that the true number of Catholics in that organisation today is maintained way below 9%. This situation cannot & will not change, as long as there is any kind of boarder on the island of Ireland.

In the 1970's (for example) there was a notorious gang of Belfast serial-killers who became known as 'The Shankill Butchers'  because they liked to randomly abduct, torture & murder innocent Catholics (just like Albert Pikes' Ku Klux Klan used to do with African-American people)

Despite the fact that one of their victims' bodies was found at the rear of (the ringleader) Lenny Murphys' abode & the fact that another gang member called Moore had been driving around with the blood of numerous victims in his 'own car'  for a long time - 'The Shankill Butchers'  were 'somehow' not charged in connection with these murders!  

It was only after the miraculous  survival of one of their (left for dead)  victims, who was then able to identify members of the gang, that the LVF/RUC  (under much public pressure) eventually  had no option but to arrest & charge some  members of the Shankill butchers - all  of which have since been released.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out why they got away with it for so long - either the LVF/RUC  were grossly incompetent (unlikely) - or they were turning a blind (masonic) eye. 

Apart from the name & the aforementioned 'window dressing recruits'  - has anything changed??

Well, today in 2018, the LVF/PSNI are still making excuses for not prosecuting  hundreds of serial-killers,  including those responsible for the murders of Pat Finucane, Rosmary Nelson (among many others) & the perpetrators of the Omagh bombing, which was itself a 'masonic false flag atrocity'  to sway public opinion  against the republican cause.

This shows that these people are overtly cynical & ruthless beyond belief!

Regarding the Omagh bombing - they've used their masonically controlled media  to try to whitewash the whole incident, but once again, it doesn't take a genius to see what really happened.

"Police" intelligence agents  were fully involved in the planning & orchestration of this atrocity, so the LVF/RUC  had full prior knowlege of it, but instead of preventing it - the opportunity to inflict what they would consider an own goal  on the republicans  was willingly taken.

Despite the fact that a clear warning was given as to the location of the bomb, the LVF/RUC  claimed there was 'confusion'  over the warning given.

LVF/RUC  members "evacuated"  the (mostly Catholic)  people in the town towards  the bomb (not away from it) - yet 'somehow'  managed to completely escape any injury or death themselves!  (????)

They have since used every trick possible  (legal or otherwise) to protect their agents from facing justice for this most horrendous crime, committed against innocent people,  but again, as most of the victims were "Taigs"  no criminal prosecutions have ever been allowed to succeed.

Regarding that town - here's an interesting program about the "PSNI" in Omagh

Addendum May 2019:  It's worth mentioning that there have been rumours (which I can neither confirm nor refute) circulating since the 1970's, about Gerry Adams & Martin McGuinness' alleged involvement with MI6 & MI5 (respectively) as agents.  While it's easy to dismiss these rumours without investigation - it does seem very strange (to say the least) why so-called 'republicans' would do an 'about turn' - & suddenly start accepting & eventually even facilitating British rule in the six occupied Counties situated the North of Ireland.  It also seems to be a remarkable coincidence, that the perpetrators of the Omagh bombing (ironically called the 'real IRA')  just happen to have also been involved in THE most notorious atrocities of the troubles (remember the 'human bomb') - some of the very atrocities (committed towards the end of the troubles) that the "PSNI" are apparently unable to investigate.

Above:  Gerrymandering or Gerry-pandering?

This makes you wonder if the split within the 'republican movement'  has more to do with coercive infiltration than 'republican ideology' - & whether there are ANY genuine republicans in Sinn Fein at all (or indeed the "dissident" so-called real IRA as "Sinn Fein" have adopted every masonic/illuminati agenda item - pro abortion, pro Europe, pro LGBT'd be forgiven for thinking that 'the bold Fenian men' have been replaced with 'kings of the fairies' (or should that be queens??) - trading the Irish tri-colour in exchange for the rainbow flag - y'know the flag we are all being systematically conditioned by the media to accept.

Above: Sinn Fein  standing up for sodomites & baby killers  - but not (it seems) for republicanism!

I don't consider myself to be a republican - but I do recognise that what "Sinn Fein" are doing can be seen as 'walking over the graves of every man, woman & child that has ever sacrificed or lost their lives as a result of British oppression - of Irelands' indigenous people.'

Why are "republicans" sitting on the "policing board" & facilitating prolonged foreign rule in our country?  Why are Sinn Fein councillors travelling to London to ask them to legislate for "Northern Ireland"?  Why are they suddenly so keen to to co-operate with the 'crown forces'??  Are these really the actions of republicans??  I think the answer is obvious!!

They are no more 'republican' than your next door neighbours' cat!

It also figures then, why the LVF/PSNI have been so keen to silence the voice of 'authentic republicanism' by recently creating the situation that resulted in the tragic death of Lyra McKee, & then using it  (along with their masonically controlled media) to cause enough public outcry that they could get away with shutting down the websites & social media accounts of groups like Saoradh - who they have so far failed to infiltrate.  The "PSNI" are obviously worried about their growing influence  (on & off the internet) - it's ultimate threat to 'the union' & the fact that (unlike "Sinn Fein")  they have no control over it.

Such moves are (by proxy) in clear violation of everyones' right to free speech - but since when did the 'crown forces' care about anyones' rights?

New IRA - biggest threat to the union since the Provos

In light of the fact that no-one yet has even been charged with Lyra McKees' murder, shutting down the internet access of Saoradh & similar groups is not only unlawful, but it further demonstrates what has already been said here;

ie: "taigs" are presumed guilty until proven innocent.

Lyra McKees' death is indeed tragic & unacceptable, but the so-called 'elected representatives' are still working very hard at learning no lessons from Irish history - the main one being that - as long as there is foreign rule in Ireland  (whether we like it or not) - there will always be resistance to it.

Hasn't world history taught these people that those who make peaceful revolution impossible - make armed revolution inevitable?

The masonically controlled media have once again jumped on the chance to sway public opinion against the republican cause, trying to jump-start the (corrupt & dead as Hector) Stormont executive - & to forward their other agenda item - what they call 'abortion rights(because murdering babies is a "right")  even though we ALL (including homosexuals) owe our very existence to the fact that our parents were straight - & didn't have an abortion!!

How many other tragic deaths have occurred as a result of that foreign occupation (???) - there hasn't yet been a single conviction over bloody Sunday . . .

. . . Just for the record - that was 47 years ago!  #IrishLivesMatter

It certainly seems to be the case that (using their agents) the British government have successfully herded Nationalists into the cul-de-sac of consent  (to foreign rule - and consequent inaction against it)  using unfulfilled promises & media conditioning - with Sinn Fein acting as the sheepdogs, & state sponsored false flag atrocities being used to sell this "peace process."

No Justice for victims can exist under this system - & no justice ever will!

 Referring to the murder of (lawyer) Pat Finucane in 1989, "police" agent Ken Barrett said this; 

Quote: ''...the peelers wanted him whacked,''  ('peelers' is slang for police officials) ''We whacked him, and that's the end of the story as far as I'm concerned.''

Whether it's the bloody Sunday massacre, the Loughinisland massacre, the Ballymurphy massacre, the Sean Graham bookmakers massacre, The Greysteel massacre, or the Newlodge massacre (to name but a few) as long as only 'TAIGS' are being killed, the story remains the same - there's never any convictions ....that speaks for itself!

Now (to add insult to injury & death) the British oligarchy have been currently trying to make sure that there never will be any convictions!  They are  (some would say understandably)  very worried - because they've got an awful lot of blood on their hands.

As one song makes reference to - they continue to call people terrorists while they look down their guns.


No matter what way you look at it - treating indigenous people  as second class citizens in their own country  (or anywhere else) is wrong & totally unacceptable!

Arming & protecting sectarian murderers is also wrong & unacceptable!

It's also becoming abundantly obvious that (as with occupation & partition) the 'Good Friday Agreement'  & it's subsequent 'devolution'  has been a monumental failure  - the existing system is so hopelessly corrupt  that it can never  be fixed.

Regarding the "RUC - They haven't gone away y'know.

I'm afraid the DNA of the LVF/RUC  is still very much  at the core of the LVF/PSNI  & the only way we can ever  hope to see permanent peace  & real justice  in this part of the world, is after the inevitable day  when a new Irish Republican constabulary  are the only 'cops'  patrolling our  streets. 

Tiocfaidh ár lá! 


Update 31/08/2018

In an obvious damage limitation exercise,  the LVF/PSNI  arrest two investigative journalists involved in the making of a film 'No Stone Unturned'  which exposes their collusion & cover up of the 1994 Loughinisland massacre.

Amnesty International said to be deeply concerned  about these arrests. Trailer for the film (below).

You can read a full Irish Central article about it here

Anyone who still  thinks this excuse for a "police force" can be trusted has to be a complete idiot! 

The Brex-factor?

Brexit  has thrown a huge spanner  in the imperial works,  by bringing it home like never before  just how ridiculous  it is to have a boarder on such a small island  as Ireland.

Ironically, Brexit  may well result in the advancement of the inevitable ....

.... Irelands' Brit-exit.

Take (for example) a typical young family of foreign nationals  (let's say Mum, Dad with two sons & a daughter)  where the Dad & 18-year-old son have already settled & found work in the North of Ireland, before Brexit.  The Mum & remaining kids (along with some relatives & friends) had hoped to join them (while they had homes to go to  & the possibility of work & school  available to them - as EU members) - but now that Britain is leaving the EU,  that's become complicated  - here's how:

In such situations, even if  the remaining (immediate) family members were allowed to come & live North of the boarder in Ireland - their friends & relatives may well be refused entry & even if not, they may face DEPORTATION  at some later date .... because the British state will see them as ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

So this is an entire demographic  of EU foreign nationals (with the usual ties to their countries of origin)  who we're expected to believe would still be better off in the UK???? - I doubt that very much!

The only chance for foreign nationals (North & south of the boarder) to ensure that their rights, status & security remain protected - is by voting for Irish unity in the forthcoming boarder poll! (Run correctly this time - not like the Scottish fraud).

Also - the position that "not all Catholics will vote for Irish Unity in a boarder poll"  is completely negated  by the fact that not all non-Catholics will vote to remain in the UK  - especially after Brexit.

A unified Ireland would make much more economic sense to most of the businesses & all of the farming community on this Island.

Such arguments are made by desperate politicians  who are obviously  grasping at straws.

United Ireland is coming - get used to it!

The British occupation of Ireland has failed!

Partition of Ireland has failed!

The Stormont executive & devolution has repeatedly failed!

There's really only one complete & permanent solution that will ensure peace AND JUSTICE for all the occupants of this island ....

.... Irish Unity.

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Answer:  The inside is full of  ORANGE JELLY.  (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

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Question:  What's the difference between dentists & "PSNI" officers?

Answer:  The dentists won't be frantically looking for jobs in less than four years.  (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

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