Manchester "bombing" was fake!

The Manchester "bombing" at the Ariana Grande concert was fake.

Here we go again - another 'false flag event' so "the authorities" can 'legislate away our rights'  in the name of security.

Just ask yourself a few questions;

  • Did you see any footage of an explosion?
  • Did you see any smoke, flying debris or any evidence that an explosion occurred?
  • Did you see extensive footage of the scene of the alleged explosion?
  • Did you see countless casualties, walking wounded or dead, at the scene?
  • Did you see large numbers of people getting first aid for real injuries?
  • Did you see this 'incident' from various CCTV angles? (Such venues are always well covered by security cameras)
  • Did you see footage from the venues' own recordings of this concert? (Standard procedure)
  • Did you see footage from any other source - independent media, music channels or anyone else who would have an interest in reporting on an Ariana Grande concert in the UK?

The answer to all these questions is NO - so the inevitable conclusion has to be that there is absolutely no evidence  to confirm that this "terrorist attack" took place at all.

We all know how some people  leap at any  chance to be 'the eyewitness'  - the fact that there's no evidence  to support their claims is irrelevant - as long as they're getting their 15 minutes of feeling important.

Afterwards, we've been seeing pathetic crisis actors  in news reports, pretending to be upset - so here's another question:

  • When you  are upset, can you really hold your tears back??

The answer is NO - when real  people are really  upset, tears are uncontrollable ....they don't have crocodile tears!

Everything about this "incident" screams masonic fakery ...even the 'square on the floor' next to the "trigger switch" (below)  which was apparently  leaked to an American news channel (Very obvious masonic symbolism as usual - hidden in plane sight).

Mark my words - just like nine-eleven, seven-seven & all the other false flag events - this is just another masonic hoax, in order for them to gain more control so they can continue to baby step us towards their precious new world order.

Don't Fall for it!

You know, those of us who have grown up in the North of Ireland  (as I have) KNOW  what a real  campaign of insurrection looks like ....& what it doesn't look like.

The people involved in insurgent organisations (in our '30 year' case it was the IRA) have what they call legitimate targets  - & these are always public figures, politicians, police, intelligence or military personnel .....they are NOT just random members of the public!

The only people that view members of the public as their enemies  are what people call "the authorities" - because these are the ones who pull the strings to control & enslave us, because to them we are nothing more than cattle - our lives are virtually irrelevant to them.

They realise that we are collectively waking up & they are going into panic mode, because they know they'll need to work fast if their precious new world order is ever going to become possible.

They lied about nine-eleven, they lied about the weapons of mass destruction, they're still lying about going to the moon & the very shape of the Earth we live on - so why believe a single word their stupid, masonically controlled media tells you?

There's already videos appearing online from people who can see that this is bullshit - here's just two of them.

Update March 28th: As you can see below, all videos proving, discussing or even suggesting that the Manchester "attacks" were a hoax - have been removed by Youtube, along with thousands of Flat Earth videos & channels.

This is clear evidence of conspiracy fact - they just do not want you to know the truth!

That alone speaks for itself!