Googles' Censory Rooms

Googles' Censory Rooms

When members of the Jewdeo-freemasonic oligarchy  can't compete  with something, or cannot tolerate the fact that there's someone offering an unbiased  alternative to the people, they do everything they can to remove, censor, block or take over it.

They thrive on monopoly, this is why they own all the banks, key land & properties, news media, most governments, military, "law" enforcement and ....yes ....even your main search engine.

Many of us already know that Facebook are a CIA information gathering (& archiving) operation  - please see the Facebook/CIA page for more on that, but did you know that Google/Youtube  are doing exactly the same thing?

Google - for the search results they (not you) want!

Even finding reasonable estimates  as to how many people today know  that "911" was an inside job is difficult to say the least  - & researching flat Earth  with Google or Youtube is about as worthwhile as giving Irish language  lessons to a Chihuahua!

There are alternative search engines  like Duck Duck Go  that don't  track & store your information - that will give you unbiased  results.


It's up to everyone to take control of their privacy & the privacy of their family members - information is power  & why give power to a bunch of unscrupulous control freaks  that you don't even know??

Enough is enough!

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