Born free?

Every person on this plane  called Earth is born to be both free equal  to everyone else - that's a simple fact.

Yet seeing without seeing  that we are being bullied, gangstalked, slandered, intimidated, stolen from, maimed & even murdered by "the authorities"  has become pandemic, because of media indoctrination.

We're conditioned to accept authority as though it was something virtuous though it wasn't just some gang of racketeering, puppet control freaks throwing their weight around - because that's exactly what it is!

It's only going to get worse (with their so-called new world order)  - but only if the sheeple  allow that to happen, & remember that 80% world depopulation is part of that plan.

How likely is it that your bloodline will be included in that 80%???

Here's two good videos to remind you that what we tolerate today becomes the rule for tomorrow - please watch & think about it.

God bless!

Larken Rose - The Myth Of Authority

Billy Connolly - Two little boys in blue

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