Au Natrale

There's an awful lot of people who like to spend time in & out of the sunshine wearing nothing but a smile.

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Everywhere in the world this simply makes them Naturists

But unfortunately in Northern Ireland it apparently makes them

perverts, a danger to children, a danger to women - & a danger to men!

The LVF/PSNI  would have naturists on their 'sex offenders register' given half a chance - now is that not a severe case of the kettle calling the pot - black? (No pun intended hehe)

I mean it's not as if naturists are child abusers, preditory paedophiles, nor are they terrorists pretending to uphold "law."

How ironic  that people so desperate to stalk, slander, label & stigmatise  others are the very ones who are incapable of viewing nudity in a non-sexual way!

Now - I wonder why that is.

Above: It is indeed a strange society  when we have people looking down the barrel of a gun & calling people terrorists,  & people obsessively watching, following, taking pictures & video of others while calling them perverts!!  The word hypocrisy  springs to mind.

Anyone would think we're all born with clothes on!

No - the practice of naturism is 100% natural & just happens to be one of the most liberating & awakening  things we can do.

But "the authorities"  don't like this, because 'awakened'  individuals question authority  & see them for what they really are - just a gang of self elevating control freaks  desperately trying to keep us on our knees.

We are conditioned  to see nudity only as sexual  in the same way as we are conditioned  to believe the Earth is a globe, & to believe in "authority."

The simple truth is that nudity is perfectly innocent, perfectly natural & perfectly healthy for everyone.

Naturism is well known for it's 'activating effect'  on the human pineal gland & the sooner people wake up to this truth - the sooner they'll stop being so damned paranoid about it.

Nudity helps develop us spiritually  in a way that few other things can. When we are in our most natural state  we feel much closer to God, by symbolically casting off the trappings of this world & returning to our original state. That's the one thing about it that the (essentially Luciferian) authorities simply cannot stand.

This is the reason why Baptism (around the time of Christ & for thousands of years) was practiced totally nude,  in front of huge crowds. Nudity simply wasn't an issue  then - & it really shouldn't be an issue  now.

Children are not in the least bit harmed by nudity - just as they have a natural tendency  to believe Earth is flat (until conditioned to believe otherwise) they are also naturally uninhibited naturists,  until conditioned  to be ashamed  of their bodies by ridiculous laws  & ridiculous  present day Western attitudes.

So if you think trying naturism will trigger your descent into arch hedonism & amorality  - think again!

People tend to judge others by themselves though, so that says more about them  than it does about naturists - enough said?

If you can't look at a naked person without entertaining lustful  or inappropriate thoughts,  then the problem is with you - not with nudity.

Perhaps some people should try spending some time in the gym (for a change) & less time listening to heretics  if they feel anxious about nakedness.

There's an old saying - don't knock it 'till you've tried it.

Cheers & God bless!

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