Here's a Puirséil non-bio

Niall Puirséil ( Irish for Niall Purcell ) - is a fully self-taught musician, songwriter, sound recordist & performer.

After playing up & down Ireland & the UK for many years, keyboardist Niall has released several albums, EPs & singles.

The song 'Spirit' (formerly 'Spirit In The Dark')  won the 1992 ISR/Radio Limerick One international song competition, resulting in radio airplay across Europe & four States in America.

Quote: "The overwhelming consensus is that Niall has a very unique voice and a great songwriting talent" - Dr John Moloney, RLO (Radio Limerick One).

Much of Niall's early years in music were spent struggling to assemble & keep bands together.

The original idea was form a soul-influenced hard rock'n band (along the lines of Kiss) with a focus on emotionally charged  melodic phrases coupled with poetic lyrics, flamboyant performances, but in a traditional 5-piece live band set up.

However, this proved difficult, as Niall had to learn the hard way  that opposition (and "promotion")  often appears behind a "friendly"  face, full of "apparent ambition." & a lot of empty promises!

Eventually (albeit reluctantly)  going solo - Nialls' music eventually developed into a kind of electronic rock  & it was this approach that allowed Niall to achieve way more than any band  would have ever allowed or made possible.

Recently, the discovery of the truth that the Earth is Flat  (don't believe me - research it yourself.  See the 'Flat Earth' page) - has brought about another change in his approach to music, resulting in his ditching of MIDI sequencing in the studio & becoming committed primarily to realtime, keyboard orientated  performance.

Niall has always played live  onstage, but now the recordings are simply played in  as well.


(Below - In Nialls' own words)

 "It has always been important to me to keep things expressive & dynamic, but now more than ever, I feel the need to strip away the technicalities & focus on the emotional content of the lyrics - because that's what it's all about ....emotional expression!

In the process of going solo, I had to become a sound recordist/engineer, synthesizer/sequencer programmer, producer & mastering engineer - when I'm really just a singer/songwriter at heart.

Highly 'polished' productions may be impressive - but they can also be distracting & unnecessary. These songs don't need that, as they stand up on their own - & I'm not ashamed to say it.

It's not recording contracts that make an artiste - it's simply the quality of their work.  If I didn't believe in what I do, it would be a waste of time doing it - but I do believe in it! 

There's only so much repetition, reworking/rewriting old songs, auto-tuned & choreographed "artistes" & 'hyped up mediocrity' people can stand - before they cry out for some spontaneity & real artistic content.

No rapping, vomit-vocals or sample loops - there's still a lot of us around who prefer to sing melodies & play our own original songs on musical instruments!

The day will come when real songs with real melodies played with real dynamic range becomes appreciated again, or as I like to put it - Tiocfaidh mo la!

Keeping in tune with all creation, every existing & future musical release will now be recorded (and released) as it is performed, in real time at 432 Hz - the resonant frequency of the Earth"