Here's a Purcell non-bio

Nyal Purcell - is a fully self-taught musician, songwriter, sound recordist & performer.

After playing up & down Ireland & the UK for many years, keyboardist Nyal
(Christened 'Niall') has released several albums, EPs & singles.

The song 'Spirit' (formerly 'Spirit In The Dark')  won the 1992 ISR/Radio Limerick One international song competition, resulting in radio airplay across Europe & four States in America.

Quote: "The overwhelming consensus is that Nyal has a very unique voice and a great songwriting talent" - Dr John Moloney, RLO (Radio Limerick One).

Much of Nyal's early years in music were spent struggling to assemble & keep bands together.

The original idea was form a soul-influenced hard rock'n band with a focus on emotionally charged  melodic phrases coupled with poetic lyrics, flamboyant performances, but in a traditional 5-piece live band set up.

However, this proved difficult, as he had to learn the hard way  that opposition (and "promotion")  often appears behind a "friendly"  face, full of "apparent ambition." & a lot of empty promises!

Eventually (albeit reluctantly)  going solo - Nyal's music eventually developed into a kind of electronic rock  & it was this approach that allowed him to achieve way more than any band  would have ever allowed or made possible.

However, his desire to record & perform completely live & in real-time (with or without a band)  has driven Nyal away from electronic music altogether, in favour of a more traditional approach.

Since going solo  Nyal has always played live, but now the recordings are simply played in  as well.


(Below - In Nyal's own words)

 "It has always been important to me to keep things expressive & dynamic, but now more than ever, I feel the need to strip away the technicalities & focus on the emotional content of the lyrics - because that's what it's all about . . . . emotional expression!

In the process of going solo, I had to become a sound recordist/engineer, synthesizer/sequencer programmer, producer & mastering engineer - when I'm really just a singer/songwriter at heart.

Highly 'polished' productions may be impressive - but they can also be distracting & unnecessary.

These songs don't need that, as they stand up on their own - & I'm not ashamed to say that.

It's not recording contracts that make artistes - it's simply the quality of their work.  If I didn't believe in what I do, it would be a waste of time doing it - but I do believe in it! 

Keeping in tune with all creation, every existing & future musical release will now be recorded (and released) as it is performed . . . . in real time at 432 Hz - the resonant frequency of the Earth"


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